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It is easy to underestimate a relatively innocuous blog like this one. Who wants to read about seemingly inane subjects like dog poo worm farms, my problems with our Subaru Forester or any of the other subjects on this blog. Well apparently if you have an international audience, other people do.

Here are a few statistics from April 2009 (excluding my own visits):

  • 720 unique visitors from 281 cities
  • 1059 page views
  • visitors from 286 cities in 50 countries/territories.

Some other interesting statistics:

  • Search engines referring traffic to this blog: Google 96.0%, Yahoo 1.9%, Altavista 1.3%, Search 0.5%, AOL 0.3% — the dominance of Google is scary!
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer 48.30% , Firefox  40.21% , Safari 5.61%, Chrome 4.18%, Opera 1.44% , Camino  0.13%, Playstation 3 0.13% — Microsoft don’t dominate the browser wars, but Chrome is rapidly increasing.
  • Operating systems: Windows 87.73%, Macintosh 10.84%, Linux 0.91%, Nintendo Wii 0.13%, Playstation 3 0.13%, iPhone 0.13%, iPod 0.13% — Microsoft still dominates the operating system landscape though.

Note: I can not see any personal details in my statistics — all results are aggregated and not attributable to an individual.

I will update these statistics from time to time.

While the bounce rate is high (84%), this blog does not try to generate loyal visitors. If browsers stumble across this blog while searching for a particular topic and I can share my views with them, then as far as I am concerned — mission accomplished!

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