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Phase 1 (P1) longboard initial impressions

I received my Phase 1 (P1) longboard skateboard on Friday. I bought it from eskatestuff on eBay for $130 plus $20 postage. Specifications of the Phase 1 longboard are: seven ply full Canadian Maple deck 42″ x 9″ kicktail concave/convex shape classic red and white design T282 180 mm 50 degree angle kingpin raw aluminum trucks USA red cushions 8/14 TPR angle pads ABEC 5 chrome steel bearings 70 mm x 46 mm HR 82A casting solidmore »

New Phase 1 (P1) longboard

I did it. Yesterday. Despite my misgivings, I have gone and bought a new Phase 1 (P1) longboard skateboard 42″ x 9″ with Canadian Maple deck and 50 degree trucks from eskatestuff on eBay. (There. I got in all the keywords for Google searches!). Cost? $130 plus $20 postage to Brisbane. I will be interested to see how the skateboard goes. I will post a review once I have received the longboard. Update 6more »

eBay: To buy or not to buy? That is the question.

Don’t you just love all the bargains that you can buy on eBay? … or is that, hate all the overpriced rubbish on eBay? I guess caveat emptor — let the buyer beware — applies. I got burnt when I bought a one cent KiteOL Speed Foil KM5009 kite (check out the last review) off eBay. I guess you could ask, ‘What did I expect from a one cent kite?’ But I also paid $19more »

Bling Old School skateboard — more comments

Now that I have had my Bling Old School skateboard for a week or so — and traveled around 50 km on it with my trusty dog — I thought I would provide a few more comments. The skateboard is relatively stable at speed. Certainly, I can ride it faster than my dog can run, and he can run at about twice the speed I can! So we are not hanging around when wemore »

PRO-TEC Ace Skate helmet

I had a small stack off my skateboard the other day. It could have been worse. For example, I could have smacked my head on the road. Fortunately I didn’t. But I did kiss the ground with my head a couple of days before, and then a couple of days after I came off again and opened up my hand again. So, I thought that it might be prudent to buy myself amore »

Ouch! — who’s got the video camera?

It was one of those moments where you just wished someone had a video camera handy. Skateboard three days old … careening down a hill … my dog stops running in front of me and I have no option but to go over the top of him, doing a hard landing on the road. Ouch! I would love to see the footage. It was a shame no one was around to watch. Skateboardmore »

What a hoot!

I bought a skateboard from SkaterHQ in Sydney this week. I ordered it over the Internet late Monday evening, and it was delivered on Thursday to Brisbane. That is good service. I rode skateboards when I was a teenager, but just the cheap crappy plastic K Mart ones. I always aspired to own one of the bigger boards. It has only taken me 20 years to do so! The skateboard is a Blingmore »