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Pottsville North Holiday Park camping trip — review and photos

We recently spent a couple of very enjoyable nights at the Pottsville North Holiday Park. This is a great family spot to stay with a swimming pool and children’s play equipment, but look elsewhere if you want an absolute beach front camp site. We chose the Pottsville North Holiday Park over the Pottsville South Holiday Park because the park has children’s play equipment and a pool. The Pottsville South Holiday Park should still be considered ifmore »

Rhino-Rack Pioneer Alloy Platform Rack System – first photos

The photos in this article are possibly the first photos on the internet of the Rhino-Rack Pioneer Alloy Platform Rack System fitted to a  Toyota Prado 120 series. I could not find any photos on the internet of the roof rack fitted to a  Toyota Prado at the time I was making my purchase decision. The system is made up of the Pioneer Platform (part number 42102) and leg set RLCP03. I had the roof rack suppliedmore »

Tasmania road trip — the best holiday ever?

During the 2010/2011 Christmas/New Year period, my family had the best holiday ever. I did a road trip from Brisbane to Tasmania and back. My family flew to Tasmania and we met there for a holiday around the Apple Isle. For various reasons, I have only just got around to writing about it. During the coming weeks I will write more stories about the road trip, but I am back-dating the published dates tomore »

Camping gear checklist — revised and updated

I have updated my camping gear checklist to reflect changes in my camping kit as a result of losing a lot of gear in the Queensland 2011 flood, but also changing my preference for gear based on our camping experience. The biggest changes are away from gas stoves/lanterns to Coleman dual fuel appliances, and away from a huge tarp that covers our tent, to a smaller tarp for eating under. I like to packmore »

Malamoo 3-second X-tra tent

Pitching the Malamoo 3-second X-tra tent always turns heads. One second you are holding a large disc in your hands, the next second your tent has unfolded itself in the air and is falling back to ground. Peg the front and rear of the tent down, and you are done! Now have a casual glance around and don’t appear too smug that your tent is erected while everyone else has just got theirmore »

Camping at Devonport Discovery Holiday Park — on the edge of Bass Strait

My most memorable night camping on my Brisbane to Tasmania road trip was spent in the Devonport Discovery Holiday Park. The holiday park is situated on the edge of Bass Strait at the mouth of the Mersey River at Devonport. I arrived at the Devonport Discovery Holiday Park after office hours. The park management are obviously used to people arriving after office hours off the Spirit of Tasmania ferry — my booking information and site location was placedmore »

Narrabri Highway Tourist Village & Caravan Park review

I stayed at the Narrabri Highway Tourist Village & Caravan Park on the night of 19 December 2010. I was driving from Brisbane to Melbourne via the Newell Highway. I had decided to take it easy and do the trip in three days, spending my first night at Narrabri. I had booked ahead of my trip and the reception was warm and friendly. The Narrabri Highway Tourist Village & Caravan Park was well maintained with green lawnsmore »