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Trying the track at Chandler Velodrome in Brisbane, Queensland is relatively simple if you are already part of a cycling club that rides on the track — most clubs will happily introduce existing members to riding on the track. However, many riders who want to ride on the track are not yet part of a cycling club, so following is a simple guide to getting on Chandler Velodrome for the first time.

The information was correct at the time of writing, but check with Cycling Queensland or the relevant cycling club for current details.

Cycling Queensland Chandler Velodrome Try the Track Day

Cycling Queensland Chandler Velodrome Try the Track Day

There are basically two options for riding on Chandler Velodrome for the first time.

Option 1 – Trying the track through club training sessions

One option for trying the track is to get on the track with a regular cycling club training session. Most clubs welcome new riders and will help to get you safely riding on the track.

Assuming that you have a bicycle helmet with an Australian Standards sticker on it, and suitable clothes and shoes, then to get on the velodrome you will need to do the following four things.

Step 1. Select a cycling club

The cycling club that you join will largely determine your track cycling experience. I suggest attending a couple of club training sessions to observe and talk to club members and coaches to see whether you like the atmosphere before committing to a club. Different clubs train on different days of the week, so choose a club that will fit in with your lifestyle. Attending a few race events could be worthwhile (and entertaining) too.

A good summary of track sessions is provided here — check when the page was last updated because sessions can change.

Changing clubs can be a drawn out process, and some clubs do not welcome riders from other clubs to their training, so it is worthwhile taking the time to find a club that will best meet your riding needs.

Step 2. Cycling Australia Licence

When you have selected a cycling club with training sessions that suit you, you will then need to join the club through the Cycling Australia web site. Membership of a cycling club includes a Cycling Australia licence.

There are several membership/licence options to choose from, including Gold versus Silver licences and 12 months verses three months membership duration.

A Silver (recreational) licence allows you to participate in training sessions; a Gold (racing) licence allows you to train and race.

Standard memberships are for 12 months, but three month Silver memberships are available through some clubs. For example, at Kangaroo Point Cycling Club, a three month Silver membership costs $28. This can be a good option if you are wanting to try track cycling without committing to a full year of membership fees.

Step 3. Track bike

Multi-gear road bikes are not permitted on Chandler Velodrome.

If you do not have a track bike, they are available for hire for $7.00 a session from Cycling Queensland. The first two hires are free. You will need to supply your own pedals that suit your shoes — I recommend bringing a set of allan keys, 15 mm spanner, pedal spanner and floor pump too.

Some clubs, such as Balmoral Cycle Club, have their own fleet of track bikes available for use. You should check with your own club as to whether club bikes are available.

If you want to ride your own track bike on Chandler Velodrome, it must:

  • be in good working order
  • have drop handle bars – standard road drop bars are fine
  • be fixed gear with brakes removed
  • have all accessories removed, including bottle cages
  • have sufficient pedal clearance – see below.

Generally a bike frame with a bottom bracket drop less than 60 mm and fitted with 165 mm cranks and clipless pedals will have sufficient pedal clearance.

The ultimate decision of a bike’s suitability is up to the head coach of the session.

If you are keen, entry level track bikes can be purchased brand new for less than $1,000. Two examples are the Avanti Pista or Pro-Lite Pista.

Step 4. Get on the track!

Attend a session and get on the track! Follow the coach’s instructions, ride safe, and enjoy!

Option 2 – Participate in a try the track session

Every so often Cycling Queensland or a cycling club holds a try the track session on Chandler Velodrome. A try the track session is the simplest way to get on the track. Try the track sessions are aimed at riders who are not experienced riding on the track. Track bikes are usually readily available through the organisers of the try the track session.

Cycling Queensland Try the Track

At the time of writing, Cycling Queensland was advertising a come and try the track session at Chandler Velodrome. The cost of the session includes track bike hire and insurance. The published details are as follows.

Come & Try the Thrills of Track Cycling!

On 7 November 2015, Cycling Queensland will be holding a ‘Come & Try’ opportunity for those interested in trying the thrills of track cycling!

Current construction of the brand new Queensland Indoor State Velodrome will see its completion in mid-2016 and this opportunity will give new cyclists a taste of this exciting sport before the Commonwealth Games in 2018!

Date: 7 November 2015
Time: 9am – Noon
Location: Chandler Velodrome, Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler (Cnr Old Cleveland and Tilley Roads, Chandler)
Cost: $10

What to bring:

  • Closed shoes
  • Comfortable but no loose fitting clothing (no singlets)
  • Helmet (if owned)
  • Water Bottle.

For any technical difficulties or questions, please contact the Cycling Queensland office on (07) 3390 1477.

Search Cycling Queensland’s web site for future try the track events.

Kangaroo Point Cycling Club Women’s Try the Track

I noticed the following women’s only try the track session advertised in a recent club email. I have reproduced it here as an example of a club try the track session.

Women’s Come and Try Track

As the first of our new initiatives your Women’s Subcommittee is pleased to invite all women to Come and Try Track.

Want to give track a go but don’t know where to start? Come along to a women’s only session where one of our friendly coaches will show you the ropes. You don’t even need your own track bike. Spots will be allocated according to availability of a bike in your size.

When: 6:30pm until 8:30pm, Mondays 23 & 30 November and 7 December 2015
Where: Chandler Velodrome

For more information, email your interest to We have had a great response already and spots are limited so get in fast 🙂

Please also let us know if you have a bike you could loan us or would like to come along and help.

Thank you
Women’s Subcommittee

Search Kangaroo Point Cycling Club‘s web site for future try the track sessions.

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