Tent peg graveyard — get yourself decent tent pegs!

The number of bent tent pegs left on the ground surprised me when we recently camped at Adder Rock Holiday Park on Stradbroke Island — or Straddie as the locals call it.

When we were at the Adder Rock Holiday Park the ground was relatively soft, but it still it seemed like a tent peg graveyard!

Camping tent pegs

As you can see from the four tent pegs on the right in the photo, many tent manufacturers skimp on tent pegs — or perhaps the pegs are simply the same quality as their tents! Enough said …

The tent peg on the left in the photo is from my BlackWolf Turbo Plus 300 tent. The BlackWolf is a quality tent, and the tent pegs reflect it.

When I started camping, my Jackaroo dome tent from KMart had light duty tent pegs. I quickly purchased replacement pegs off eBay — KLEKS All-Terrain Super Heavy Duty Tent Pegs (second from left in photo). These tent pegs are advertised as being able to be hammered in to bitumen without any problems and without any damage to the tent pegs. I have never tried, but certainly I have not damaged one of these tent pegs and I have used them at camp sites from Noosa to Tasmania!

A simple tip for removing tent pegs from the ground: Use a spare tent peg to hook the top of the peg that is in the ground. Pull in the same direction as the tent peg in the ground and it should come out easily.

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