Trends in internet browsers, search engines and operating systems

My blog and business web site statistics give me an insight into what is happening on the internet. Sure, it is a small, statistically-insignificant snapshot, but can be interesting none the less. The following numbers are for the last month.

Take browsers for a moment. Visitors to this blog in the last month have used the following browsers.

Anyone heard of Safari? (Sorry Mac users …). Chrome is high on the recognition list with Google‘s involvement, but does not seem to have a strong take-up. And what about Firefox? It has got a strong showing against the Microsoft juggernaught Internet Explorer. It will be interesting to see whether Chrome can make any headway — it has been holding a around this level for the last few months. Unfortunately I can not give a comparable snapshot from my business web site because I have not yet got around to excluding my own hits from it, so my visits distort the picture.

Another interesting development is Bing. And for this I can make a comparison with my business site because I do not search for my own web sites (well, I do, but I don’t click through). Google sent 97.69% of search engine generated visits in the last month, while Bing sent … none. Interestingly, Bing sent 92.54% of search engine generated traffic to my business web site, while Google only sent 7.46%. There is a vast anomaly there, which is mostly accounted for by the fact that Bing has only indexed the front page of this blog so far.

I have not yet had anyone visit this blog using Windows 7. XP still rules, with 68.41% of Windows users, while Vista accounts for 28.90%. All versions of Windows account for 84.97% of total visitors. MacIntosh (12.44%) and Linux (1.35%) are still well behind Windows’ dominance, Interestingly, iPod and iPhone account for 0.93% of visitors.

As always, I can not see any personal details in my statistics — all results are aggregated and not attributable to individuals.

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