Kite collection pics

Thought I would post a couple of pics of my kite collection. These photos were taken about six months ago, before I bought my first parafoil.

Kite collection #1

The first pic (clockwise starting top right): six foot delta; rainbow delta; small rainbow delta; two diamond kites from a bargain store; Rascal dual line stunt kite.

The Rascal and rainbow delta fly the best out of these kites. The rainbow delta is a very reliable flyer. I often tie it to the ground and leave it fly unattended while I pilot stunt kites. It gives me a good indication of the wind aloft. And when the rainbow kite falls to the ground, I know it is about time to go home.

Kite collection #2

Second pic is of some dual line stunt kites I found at the local bargain store. Where as the bargain store diamond kites in the first pic were about $2.50 each, the stunt kites were about $15 each. Not bad buying, and not bad flying either! The blue, yellow and red kite flies particularly well.

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