Carving modification for Phase 1 dropdown longboard

I finally got to ride my Phase 1 dropdown longboard, but in my initial impressions suggested that the skateboard did not carve as well as expected. The board was very stable, but perhaps too stable at the expense of its ability to carve.

When I took off the trucks to remove the remaining pieces of plastic that the board was wrapped in, I decided to rotate the riser pads so that the thick side of the wedge was towards the outsideĀ of the front/rear of the skateboard. I did this to reduce the rake on the trucks, increasing the steering angle. If you decide to do this modification, you will also need to rotate the mounting bolts, ensuring that the long bolts are through the thick side of the riser pad.

Phase 1 dropdown longboard

The result has been exactly what I wanted. The Phase 1 dropdown longboard now drops nicely into turns, meaning that slaloming the dotted white line on the road is once again a joy.

Testing down my average size hills indicates that stability has not been greatly compromised, with no sign of speed wobbles at speeds that would cause significant injury should I come off!

If you are interested in other comments about Phase 1 longboards, I suggest that you search this blog for Phase 1, or browse the Skateboards category.

Update 6 April 2008: It appears that eskatestuff are no longer selling these skateboards under the Phase 1 name. Their current boards are branded Vault.

8 thoughts on “Carving modification for Phase 1 dropdown longboard

  1. sophie

    wow, this made a huge difference, i got a P1 a few days ago and have been riding it around (after reading your blog and reviews on it, thanks!) and decided to change the riser pads around, wow it makes a huge difference…..
    happy carving

  2. Michael Lisitsa

    Hi. Thanks for the review. It is good to get at least one persons experience so that I know what I’m in for before I unwrap the package. I will probably be getting it in 2 days and it is my first longboard (but my 2nd board).

    Its funny that when I clicked buy, I didn’t realise that it was dropped down, which seems stupid because that is its name, but from the top, it looked like it was the same as a Loaded Dervish and only later when I explored a bit more did I realise what drop down actually means. Ah the perils of buying online.

    My only other experience has been on a 20 dollar Skateboard which has trouble going in a straight line (or maybe that’s just me), so …

    Thanks again

  3. Rhys

    Hey man, loved your review. after reading it I bought the dropdown and haven’t looked back. I loosened up the trucks by a huge amount (so much so that i can tighten the bolt by hand) and my board carves beautifully, sliding around at high speeds!! one question i have for you: have you noticed that the board have a lean for one direction? my board carves toeside easier than heelside, heelside half of the board feels stiffer. I’ve tightened up the bolts on the left hand side of the riser pads, and this has helped (a little), but i was wondering if you or anyone you know has had the same problem? Thanks man keep up the good work.

  4. luke

    hey mate. i just bought one of these too. freaking fun as! my first longboard, and i have to say im impressed with how smooth it is. but i noticed that my board has a slight twist in it, ever so slight but it annoys me none the less. ha. but as soon as i stand on the board its fine and it goes dead straight when i roll it away from me. im gonna try lossening my trucks heaps too. =) but maybe not that much that i can undo them by hand, i dont want them dropping off mid -carve. anyone suggest a good helmet? full-face or normal skate? im doing cruising and bombing too, just wonderin what is good.

  5. luke

    o and i switched the risers too, freakin amazing turns now bro. thanks so much for the the priceless tip.

  6. Ks

    thanks for the insight dude
    i have question I bought a drop down from eskatestuff
    I tried to put a pair of SIDEWINDER GULLWings which are great at carving however the deck bottomed out…any ideas on how to stop that from happening?

    i had the same issue as you regarding the carving so I am going to change the side of the riser pads and see what happens


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