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Ibanez MiKro GRGM21M Jewel Blue — review

Ibanez miKro GRGM21M guitar

The Ibanez GRG miKro puts out sound way beyond its size. When you look at the specifications, it is obvious why. The miKro shares the same Powersound humbuckers at its larger siblings in the Ibanez Gio range. The specifications are: GRGM Maple neck Basswood body Medium frets Fixed bridge PSND1 (H) neck pu PSND2 (H) bridge pu Hardware color : Chrome Scale : 560mm/22″ Colors : JB (Jewel Blue), RD (Red) Recommended retailmore »

¾-size electric guitar purchase decision

Ibanez miKro GRGM21M guitar

I wanted to buy a ¾-size travel electric guitar. Following is a comparison of the main options on the market from Squier and Ibanez. I already have five guitars — that is more than the number of songs that I can play! I wanted to add an electric guitar to my collection. My requirements were: ¾-size electric guitar — I wanted my daughter to be able to play this instrument; I will treat it asmore »