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Breadcrumbs for your blog — SEO and bounce rate

Implementing breadcrumbs on your blog or web site can help improve search engine optimisation (SEO) and the bounce rate of visitors. What are breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs provide a ‘trail’ through your web site. Breadcrumbs show users the relationship of the page that they are on with other elements of the web site. In particular, they provide a way for the user to easily navigate up and down your site, from post to category, from child page tomore »

WordPress backup and restore — an easy method that puts you in control

One of the challenges of running a WordPress blog is backing it up. There are so many options to perform WordPress backups, but do you really know whether they will work when you most need it? Has someone hacked your account? Or a virus scrambled your blog content? Perhaps your hosting service has gone out of business and left you with nothing? Maybe you simply want to move your WordPress blog or webmore »