Aussie Battery fails to deliver

I have bought a few things from eBay, apparently safe that my purchases were protected by PayPal.

On 7 January 2009 I bought a battery charger for $14.40 (+$10 postage) on eBay from AUSSIE_BATTERY INC. I paid for the purchase immediately through PayPal. Aussie Battery states that items are generally shipped out the next business day by Australia Post eParcel, that is, registered post with a tracking number. The tracking number was only sent to me after I chased Aussie Battery for it. I still have not received the item and the tracking number is no longer current.

After several e-mails to Aussie Battery with no forward progress, I escalated this to a PayPal claim on 21 January. It is now 26 February and there is still no result. I have now made a complaint to PayPal about the length of time their process is taking. Me? A serial whinger?

It seems to me that PayPal’s dispute resolution process is firmly in the favour of the seller, not the buyer. Don’t count on getting disputes resolved by PayPal quickly. And certainly NEVER buy from Aussie Battery.

Not good enough Aussie Battery, or PayPal.

Update: I finally received notification that I am getting a refund — on 13 March, nearly two months after the PayPal dispute was opened. PayPal agreed that Aussie Battery failed to deliver — I am not a serial whinger after all! I have not yet seen the money appear in my bank account, but I am presuming it will eventually. PayPal says that it will take up to seven days …

Trouble is, I have chewed up a stack of my time chasing after less than $25. Most people probably wouldn’t bother, which plays straight into the seller’s hands.

A most unsatisfactory buying experience I must say.

5 thoughts on “Aussie Battery fails to deliver

  1. nathan gathercole

    I was surfing the web and came across this forum. I am the owner of Aussie Batteries. and also sell on Ebay using the name aussiebatteries. Due to the close name to aussie_battery inc mentioned in the forum, I would like to make the following statement. Aussie Batteries is in no way associated with aussie_battery inc . It is a different company.

    1. Steve

      Nathan might be apart of a different company but him and his company is by no means a good, trustworthy place to purchase products. If you spend as long on hold with Aussie Batteries and solar on the Sunshine Coast as I have, you would hear that there message they send out is they only sell quality products that will not let you down. Well what a load of camel poo(keeping it pg) I have spent thousands with them and all I have gotten is complete disrespect. 2 inverters that I have purchased through them have failed. Both of them have been misrepresented as quality products when they are actually just high profit margined crap they have imported from China. The first one got swapped out for a cheaper one and they left a credit in their system for the difference, without consulting me. I then set up a mobile business in which power is the heart of my business and without it I cannnot work. The inverter they supplied then died with in 6 months of a very easy work load whilst I was work. Yes it let me down, I have lost thousands in income. They gave me a refund for the partial amount but refused to give me the rest of the money, but instead offered me a store credit. I don’t want a store credit and the law requires them to refund the money but NATHAN – the trustee of Aussie Batteries and Solar and his fellow managerial employees refuse to refund the money and have never once excepted my many phone calls to discuss this. I will never buy any more products from them after this very very shitty display of customer service, respect, product guarantee and business ethics and in this forum and many more I will be urging people to not shop there and be very mindful of the dodge, disrespectful, money hungry people that our in the retail industry.

  2. Steve Warham

    I have invested well over $20,000 plus on a off grid system from Nathan Gathercole and it has been totally unreliable,there has been no effective after sales service, I have had no power for 3 weeks , I have called them 6 times and emailed asking for immediate help, I would describe them as hopeless, pathetic, disrespectful, a rip off, a total failure of customer service, I hate and regret my decision to punish my family so badly by buying from this man’s company, how gutless are they that they won’t even return my calls. My wife and 4 kids have been so upset by my decision to buy this off grid system. I have lost so much money as a result. My advice, do not buy anything from this man/company. Steve Warham


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