My love-hate relationship with my HTC Desire

I have a love-hate relationship with my HTC Desire mobile phone. I love the smart phone technology and what it can do, but I hate the problems that I have had with this phone.

I jumped on the smartphone bandwagon around December 2010 — that’s almost two years ago. That is when I got hooked on mobile internet, but also when the problems with my HTC Desire began. My HTC Desire is running Android 2.2 Froyo.

Why I love my HTC Desire

HTC Desire mobile phone

HTC Desire mobile phone

I love smart phones. They are so convenient when on the move, being able to connect to the internet to research destinations, get phone numbers, check the news, or see the latest weather reports and live rainfall radar.

The built-in camera is always handy if you need to take a quick candid snap and do not have your main camera with you.

I have used my phone for GPS navigation in my car, and used it as a mobile modem for my laptop computer. The apps are pretty handy too. I have used apps to tracks my cycle riding training, as well as to tune my guitar.

Why I hate my HTC Desire

Some people may say that I have had a pretty good run to get two years out of a smart phone. However, that two years has had numerous problems.

Shortly after getting the phone, I left on a road trip driving from Brisbane to Hobart and back, including a family holiday touring Tasmania. I drove 6,700 km in only 23 days.

To be fair, it took me a little while to come to terms with the power usage of the HTC Desire. It seems that leaving the GPS or mobile data running while out of mobile reception range drains the battery very rapidly. In fact, this was draining the battery so fast that the phone was going flat while plugged in to my in-car charger for seven hours a day.

It really annoyed me though when driving through Melbourne and using the GPS for navigation, the phone ran out of battery. I pulled into a side street, pulled out a book of Australian city maps, and proceeded to navigate the rest of the way through Melbourne. Very frustrating.

On arriving at Devonport in Tasmania with the phone having gone flat while on the Spirit of Tasmania car ferry somewhere in the middle of Bass Strait, I again had to revert to old fashioned maps to find my way to my accommodation for the evening at the Devonport Holiday Park.

About six months ago, the phone began overheating and rebooting and very inopportune times. After researching the problem, it seems that it is a common problem with the HTC Desire phones. There is no clearly defined solution, but I did try doing a factory reset on the phone a couple of times.

All to no avail though. My HTC Desire now overheats and reboots even just making routine phone calls. In fact, my daughter was sending a text message the other day and halfway through writing the text, the phone overheated and rebooted.

Are mobile phones the cigarettes of our generation?

I am reserved about the regular use of mobile phones, particularly when holding the phone to my ear. I have a theory that mobile phones are the cigarettes of our generation.

Back in the 50s cigarette manufacturers said it was fine to smoke cigarettes. In fact, they give health benefits and will make you look hip and cool. Sound similar to what phone companies are saying about mobile phones?

Mobile data used in smart phones takes the radiation these phones emit and the health implications to a whole new level.

What’s next?

Despite all that, I am planning to get a new mobile phone. With a new road trip planned to Melbourne soon, I need a reliable phone. I do not need the latest and greatest, just something reliable. I am planning to buy a mid-range phone. Perhaps a Samsung Galaxy Ace? Time will tell.

One thought on “My love-hate relationship with my HTC Desire

  1. Wayne Hanks

    I currently have the HTC Desire X and it is very nice. $ 30 plan with Optus for 2 years.
    Have never been able to kill the battery yet. However… It does get quite hot when playing graphics-heavy games so it is possible this may also be the case when using the GPS for long periods. Also when I set it up as a Hot spot, my kids managed to use my month’s download quota (200 mb) in one day 🙂 so this is another thing to be aware of.


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