BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park review

We recently stayed at the BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park.  The description on their website is not as we saw it.

BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park caravan sites

The tiny office/”shop” was not air conditioned and was very hot when we visited.  People had to wait quite a while to check-in because they had only one girl on duty and she seemed to take ages to process new arrivals.

We were not given a slab at the BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park, so it really was a very small dust bowl that we were told to use (most of the park was a dust bowl).

When we first arrived, if our awning had been right out it would have touched the van next to us so we could only have it at “half mast”. On the other side of us, was a tree and a rubbish bin so could not move over that way any further.  There was barely any room to get the car off the road, and it was difficult to get the van into that very small area.

Half way through our stay the first van left and another small van took its place. Many of the sites were hard to get into or only suitable for a tent.

BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park

BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park

Many people were most unhappy because BIG4s are meant to be really good parks. Some of the other campers were going to report it to the BIG4 headquarters.

Amenities blocks

When we were there (September 2012), one of the ladies’ amenities blocks was being refurbished. Ladies had to use one of the men’s amenities blocks which only had two showers and two toilets.  The men’s (that was meant for ladies) had a jammed entrance door. Someone had put a notice on the door that, “due to the recent rain [what rain?] the door had swollen and that had made it hard to open”.  The shower water had nowhere to drain and so it went all over the floor. In total there were four showers and four toilets for dozens of women to use, but the men’s amenities block (that was for women) did not get used much (if at all) because of the entrance door and the flooded floor.

There were lots of vans staying at the BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park and only two ladies showers/toilets that were even half  satisfactory (the other two were in the jammed door section).  Just as well we had our own.

My husband said that the men’s amenities (that the men used) were not good either.


On the positive side, the cabins at the BIG4 Kingaroy Holiday Park looked adequate and clean — people who rented them were happy with them.

The swimming pool looked clean — it was quite small.  I did not see any children’s playthings. They did have a BBQ area but it was very small and most of it had no shade.

Local Kingaroy area

Things that we really enjoyed in the area were the Bjelke-Peterson property and meeting Flo and John, and the Lavender Farm.  We heard (from the “locals”) that there were other nicer van parks in Kingaroy but they might not have had all the cabins needed to accommodate people without vans in our group.


To be fair, someone told me that they had heard that the man who owned it had recently been ill but in my opinion the amenities (etc) should have been fixed up long, long ago.  They didn’t deteriorate that quickly in a short time.

Rating out of 10? Maybe 4/10 at best.

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