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How to ride your bicycle faster, further, stronger

Most fitness riders want to be able to ride faster, further and be stronger. While they are not competitively racing, they still want to be able to keep up with their riding buddies, win the crazy-fun sprint at the end of the ride and power up hills. Here are a few simple tips to allow you to do just that. First off, I assume that you have a half decent bike. It doesmore »

Invest in time in the saddle; not more dollars on the bike

Many people think that you have to invest lots of money in a bicycle and gear to be a fast rider. They think that by buying that expensive part that saves them an extra couple of grams that they will suddenly become a much faster rider. While professional cyclists who ride for a living climbing the world’s mountain passes will certainly want the latest, greatest and lightest gear, what about the average fitnessmore »