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How to pass the Rocksmith soundcheck

Jose Ferrer El Primo classical nylon-string guitar

Many people seem to be having trouble passing the Rocksmith soundcheck. I have passed the Rocksmith soundcheck using several guitars. Following is how I do it. Guitars I have used to pass the Rocksmith soundcheck I have managed to pass Rocksmith‘s soundcheck using the following guitars: Yamaha F310P acoustic guitar using a transducer (piezo) pickup blue-tacked behind the saddle on the body of the guitar Ibanez miKro GRGM21M (¾-size electric guitar) Cort Earth-Mini guitarmore »

Playing Rocksmith with an acoustic guitar

Rocksmith guitar game

Rocksmith makes the bold statement that the game can be played with any real guitar. I have three acoustic guitars (steel string) and my kids have two classical guitars (nylon string). It is time to test their claim. I own a Yamaha FG720S, a Yamaha F310P and a Cort Earth-Mini guitar. My kids’ guitars are half-size and three-quarter-size Jose Ferrer El Primo classical guitars. Despite having a Roland Cube 15XL electric guitar amplifier, I do not currentlymore »

How to connect your guitar amp to your games console to play Rocksmith

Rocksmith guitar game

Connecting your guitar amplifier to your TV to play Rocksmith is easy if your amp has an AUX in jack. When I first got Rocksmith I plugged my PlayStation3 (PS3) into my Sony Bravia TV using the RCA cables from the games console. This resulted in significant lag between the screen, sound and my guitar. Rocksmith was no fun when you have to anticipate notes, and then the note played is not in timemore »

Rocksmith — how a guitar game will change the world

Rocksmith guitar game

Rocksmith offers the allure of using a computer gaming environment to learn and play guitar. A new generation of computer geeks and middle aged men are going to be able to play guitar, perhaps even as well as the cool kids. As a result, this computer game has the potential to change the world. What is Rocksmith? The Rocksmith web site promises, “… the next stage in the evolution of the guitar game. Rocksmith, themore »