Visit to Kondalilla National Park — photos

Kondalilla National Park is a great place for a walk through the bush, but don’t expect four wheel drive trails in this national park.

We had not been planning to visit Kondalilla National Park. Rather, we were driving home from somewhere else and thought the my girls needed to get out for a run. Spotting the sign, we headed down there. We visited on Easter Saturday and the car park was bedlam – fortunately we were in the right place and the right time and got a parking spot.

Kondalilla National Park car park was bedlam

We decided to try the walk to Kondalilla Falls via the Rock Pools Walk. The guide says that this is a 3.2 km return Class 3 circuit. This is a gently sloping, well-defined track with slight inclines or few steps with caution needed on decomposed granite and exposed natural lookouts. A reasonable level of fitness and ankle-supporting footwear is required.

The initial part of the walk is rough asphalt and fairly steep – you would need to be careful on a wet day to not slip. This part of the walk goes through a picnic area with toilets.

Kondalilla National Park picnic area

Once entering the bush, the track becomes a graded dirt trail. Around half way through the walk there is a lookout with a great view of the valley below.

View from the lookout around halfway down the track

Just before Kondalilla Falls, the track turns into some rough steps with a handrail.

We were under prepared for the walk – we did not have suitable shoes on, nor were we carrying any water. Even so, my five year old wearing sandals managed to walk down and back without complaining.

One of the secrets of Kondalilla Falls is the rock pool above them. This is obviously a secret widely known by the locals. On the day we were there, many people had carried their swimming gear down to the rock pool for a swim. Even though it was a warm day, the water was very cold. Despite signs warning of submerged rocks, several people were jumping from a high rock ledge into the water.

Rock pool above Kondalilla Falls

People swimming in the rock pool and jumping from a rock ledge into the water

I ventured down to the viewing platform to see Kondalilla Falls from the front. Kondalilla is an Aboriginal word meaning rushing water. The falls are 80 metres high. The falls could only be viewed through a small gap in the trees — perhaps some pruning would be useful?

View of Kondalilla Falls

We did not complete the full Kondalilla Falls walking trail loop. Instead, we returned the way that we had come.

Overall, a pleasant walk, but if you don’t like crowds, chose the day that you visit carefully!

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